Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why a Changing Heart?

On June 12, 2008 I got a final call from a CPO company; they said that they already accept me for a financial analyst position. This company is a subsidiary from a Singapore listed company. The owner is one of the conglomerates in this country.

I feel excited but also sad, because this means these days are my last days in this company. I have so many good memories here with my co-workers.

As a business development or someone who assist the CEOs to make decisions, I feel that expanding my knowledge horizon is very important. We must become a generalist, not a specialist. That is one main reason why I will accept the job in that company.

I already had certain knowledge about transportation industry, including 3PL and operating lease from my current company. If there is an opportunity to know other industries, I think I will take it.

In this case, I will get the opportunity to learn about CPO [Crude Palm Oil] industries. The CPO company itself is a major vertically integrated agribusiness group with principal activities that span from research and development, oil palm seed breeding, oil palm cultivation and milling to the refining, branding and marketing of cooking oil, margarine, shortening and other palm oil derivative products. The Group is also a producer of Crude Coconut Oil in Indonesia.

My position as a financial analyst will be much likely the same, assist in drawing in-depth conclusions and make recommendations to Board of Directors from financial, operating and planning data; also involve in some projects to acquire or build new business units.